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  More than 250 interactive whiteboard resources: lesson-starters, question banks, problem-solving activities, games, simulations and mathematical tools. Many of the activities can also be carried out by individuals or small groups using one computer.
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You can try out all the iMath Interactive Whiteboard resources but after about one minute a message will appear on the screen. Buy a password to stop this happening.
Type your password in the password box then click on the 'go' button or press . The password box will then disappear and the password message will not appear.
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Use the drop-down menus to find an iMath Interactive Whiteboard resource.

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iMath Interactive Whiteboard resources are best viewed in full-screen mode: if you are using Internet Explorer press F11. These resources can be used alongside the iMath Worksheets.

'I thought I would let you know these resources are FANTASTIC! I especially like the distance-time graph train and the sequences elephants. These are great resources'.

'We think your site is fab - its the only one I've ever managed to get ALL the staff enthusiastic about!'


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New iMath Interactive Whiteboard resources
Age 7-11
Go to activity Four clocks : analogue and digital time.
Rotational symmetry and rotating shapes about a point.

Lots of shape resourcesPaper generator : lots of shape resources, different types of graph paper with or without axes, polygons, nets ... even a soccer pitch!
Play dartsPlay Darts: finish on a double or a bullseye: how many ways are there of finishing on 37?
Fractions and percentages of amounts in a table
Go to hidden sums
Hidden Sums: lots of different sums with one of the numbers hidden.

Age 11-16
Quadratic equations
Go to the transformations
and other transformations

Multiply out brackets

Draw Logo Christmas trees
Angles in parallel lines and in a triangle.
Doesn't have to be done at Christmas!
Go to simultaneous equationsSimultaneous equations: traditional
and something a little different
Fractions and percentages of amounts in a table
Sum, product difference wall puzzles

Gradient of a straight line

Link to the activity
A right-angled triangle generator: very useful for Pythagoras' theorem and trig.

Link to the activity Target Numbers: swap input numbers and functions to hit the target. Useful for algebra and mental arithmetic work.
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