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Use Pythagoras' theorem and Trigonometry
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L1: A right-angled triangle generator

A resource which can be used when teaching Pythagoras' Theorem and/or Trigonometry . Generate different right-angled triangle by dragging the corners of the triangle. The dimensions can be turned off or on by clicking on the buttons.
The trig ratios can be shown or hidden by clicking next to each trig ratio.

Click in a corner then drag.Click on a corner then drag left or right, up or down. The trig ratiosThe trig ratios can be shown: click next to the one you want to see.

Dotty paper

Link to 4x4 pinboards
L3: 4 x 4 pinboards

Link to square dotty paper
L4: Lots of dots (sq cm)

Identify properties of angles and parallel and perpendicular lines, and use these to solve problems.

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L6: Angles generator
The labels can be dragged about

The angle buttonsUse these buttons to select the type of angles:
Top: angles on a straight line

Middle: opposite angles

Bottom: Angles round a point

Use Pythagoras' theorem

Example of question


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Use Pythagoras' Theorem

L7: Use Pythagoras' Theorem
Given the coordinates of points A and B, calculate the length of AB (Pythagoras' Theorem)


Use these buttons to turn the coordinates and the red triangle on or off.L8: Interactive distance- between-two-points resource: drag the two black points. The distance between the two points is worked out using Pythagoras' Theorem. Click in the big answer box to see the working out.

Use the buttons to turn the red triangle and coordinates on or off. Drag the corners of the red triangle (a large red circle will appear)

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