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There are thousands of children, parents and tutors using our products throughout the world.  All our success has been due to word of mouth.  We believe our products sell themselves and we welcome you to try them out by clicking on the “see more details” links next to the products.

Core products to help you tutor

Our activity worksheets are designed to complement the interactive whiteboard resources.  The active worksheets are ideal for tutoring sessions with individuals or with groups of children.   Our games provide a welcome relief from tedious math books and reinforcing key math concepts.

iMath Interactive Whiteboard   iMath Worksheets  
More than 250 interactive whiteboard resources: lesson-starters, question banks, problem-solving activities, games, simulations and mathematical tools. Many of the activities can also be carried out by individuals or small groups using one computer.   Printable math worksheets. Can be used alongside the iMath Whiteboard resources. Click on the "change" button and watch the numbers, angles, shapes or equations change. Print the worksheet and the answers.  
Price $79.00 (annual subscription)   Price $59.00 (annual subscription)  
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iMath Interactive Learning Aids / Games 1   iMath Fractions and Decimals  
One and two-player tests, interactive tests against the clock, interactive whiteboard sheets. Times tables, decimals, fractions, ordering numbers, mental arithmetic, money, coordinates, sum, product, difference, functions, angles, symmetry, reflection, rotation.   Fractions & Decimals smartboard resources, games and a problem solving activity. Topics covered: equivalent fractions, cancelling fractions, lowest common denominator, addition of fractions, subtraction of fractions, place value, reading scales, equivalence of fractions, decimals and percentages, inequalities < and >.  
Price $39.00 (annual subscription)   Price $59.00 (annual subscription)  
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iMath Algebra   iMath Pro  
A wealth of activities to assist with the introduction and development of algebra for pupils aged 10 to 16. All the activities can be used either by individual pupils, small groups or with the whole class using an interactive whiteboard.   If you are interested in all of our products and have access to the Internet from your classroom/workplace, we recommend iMath Pro. Your iMath Pro password will work on all the resources on the iMath Learning website.  
Price $59.00 (annual subscription)   Price $199.00 (annual subscription) - click see more details to order CD  
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We prefer if you order using your credit card by clicking on the buttons below.  This will enable you to use your passwords immediately.  If you'd like to place an order but prefer not to use your credit card or Paypal account, please down load our purchase form and email, fax or mail it (details on the form).   Our form is available in Word or PDF form.

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iMathLearning's products are available via the Internet and we also have a CD version of our Professional product which includes all our products bundled together.    Upon purchase of an online product you will be issued a password for one year's use.   For more details of each product hit the "see more details" link next to the order button.  

If you decide to order a product you will be issued a temporary password immediately and a permanent password will be sent to you via email within 48 hrs.

If you are not satisfied with our products we are proud to offer you a refund of your purchase price for the unused portion of your subscription period.


Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.  We want you to recommend our product to you colleagues and to give everyone the ability to try before you buy.   If you'd like to see our products in more detail then select the "see more details" link next to each order button below.   You will have the ability to use the products to get a feel for the quality the products you’ll be given 90 seconds before the "enter password" request comes up. 

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