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Welcome to iMath Learning. Our aim is to provide interactive resources which enhance and enrich the teaching and learning of math.
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Printable math worksheets with a difference. Click on the "change" button and watch the numbers, angles, shapes or equations change. Print the worksheet and the answers.
Go to iMath Interactive Whiteboard
More than 250 interactive whiteboard resources: lesson-starters, questions, problem-solving activities, games, simulations, and mathematical tools. Many of the activities can also be carried out by individuals or small groups using one computer.
Go to iMath Games 1
One and two-player games: strategy games, games against the clock, interactive whiteboard games. Times tables, decimals, fractions, ordering numbers, mental arithmetic, money, coordinates, sum, product, difference, functions, angles, symmetry, reflection, rotation.
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One and two-player games: World Cup soccer games, strategy games, games against the clock, interactive whiteboard games. Times tables, decimals, fractions, factors, multiples, mental arithmetic, money, number bonds, sequences, symmetry, reflection, rotation.
A wealth of activities to assist with the introduction and development of algebra. All the activities can be used either by individual pupils, small groups or with the whole class using a projector or an interactive whiteboard.
Go to iMath Fractions & Decimals
Fractions & Decimals resources. Topics covered: equivalent fractions, cancelling fractions, lowest common denominator, addition of fractions, subtraction of fractions, place value, reading scales, equivalence of fractions, decimals and percentages, inequalities < and >.
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iMath Learning launches a new North American version of its popular European mathematics learning products.

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We have launched our iMath Pro package - all our math resources for a value price. 

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