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The 1 to 10 board. Score doubles in the outer ring. Two-player darts.

Play darts and practise your mental arithmetic.

Try playing darts on an interactive whiteboard. Drag the darts about then let go.

Click on the links below to play different games of darts.


A real dartboard

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Play darts (numbers 1 to 10)
Decide whether you want sound on or off, what the winning score will be and who goes first.
Take it turns to throw three darts. You start off with a shaky hand which becomes steadier the quicker you throw the darts and the higher your score. Drag the shaky darts and then let go.

There are two games:
Play Darts 10 has a board which has the numbers from 1 to 10, a doubles outer ring and 25 for a bullseye. You have to score 101. A number line can be shown.
Play Darts 20 has a real dartboard with doubles and trebles, 50 for a bullseye. You have to score 301.

The scores are shown on the boards, work out what you have left to score then use the number pad to enter this number. You must finish with a double or bullseye.

  Finish on a Double
Take it turns to throw three darts. The aim is to achieve the target score, finishing with a double or bullseye. For example if the target score is 37 you could achieve this by throwing a 20, followed by a 5 and then a double 6. You can use one, two or three darts. Try to achieve the target score as many times as possible in one minute.
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