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Purple splat Two-player games. Each player has one minute to splat the numbers to hit the target number.Green splat
Click on the links below to play the games.

Link to Splat Adds
Add small numbers
Link to Splat Decimals
Add decimals
Link to Splat Tens
Add multiples of ten
Link to Splat Money
Add money
Link to Splat Integers
Add positive and negative numbers
Play Splat Times
Times tables

Tyep in your names, sound on or off, who goes first, what's the winning score, then play.Best viewed in full screen mode: press F11 if you are using Internet Explorer.

First type in your names.

Click on the sound button to turn the splat sound on or off.

Click on the next button to decide who goes first.

Use the slider to decide what the winning score will be.

Then play.

The target number is 26.Click the OK button when you are ready to start.

A target number will appear.

Click on numbers which you think add up to the target number. At least two numbers must be selected. You can change your mind, click on a number again to deselect it. Click OK when you think you've hit the target.

If you are right another target number will appear. If you are wrong then the right answer is shown and you have to click on the 'add again' button.

After one minute the game moves on to the other player's turn. He or she has one minute to beat your score. The winner gets the point for that round. If it's a draw then each player receives half a point.

Splat Times instructions Click on numbers whose product you think will equal the target number. No more than four numbers can be selected.
For example if 20 is the target: 2 x 2 x 5 = 20 or 5 x 4 = 20 or 10 x 2 =20
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