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Roate the punk to the right angle so he gets gunked! A one-player angle game.

How many times can you gunk the punk?

Can you get in the Gunk the Punk top 5?

Click on the link below to play the game.

Play Gunk the Punk
Play Gunk the Punk


Use the slider to make the angle then click the OK button.Best viewed in full screen mode: press F11 if you are using Internet Explorer.

Click on the go button to play the game.

The aim is to rotate the punk to the right angle so that he gets gunked. There are 10 angles to estimate.

A target angle is shown.A target angle.Use the slider to rotate the punk to the target angle, then click on the OK button.

You will gunk the punk if your angle is less than 5 degrees away from the target angle. The closer you are to the target angle the more points you will score.

Click the next button for the next target angle.

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