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Three whiteboard resources to assist in the teaching and learning of decimals.

Number pad

To generate a number on the number line either use the number pad or drag the number along the line.

Hide or show the number by clicking in the rectangle.

Example of number
The number is shown as units, tenths and hundredths. They can be dragged together to form the number:

The number is made up of separate bars:
red units, blue tenths, green hundredths.

Tool bar
The tool bar can be dragged left or right.
The buttons (from the left):
Hide or show the numbers on the scale.
Hide or show the larger increments.
Hide or show the smaller increments.
Round the number to the nearest 0.01, 0.1 or 1.
Hide or show the coloured bars.
Zoom in or out.


Round to 0.01 This button is very useful for demonstrating rounding decimal numbers.
Round to 0.1 When this button is set to 0.1 the number will round itself to one decimal place. When it is set to 1 the number will jump to the nearest whole number.

Decimal Number Line
Drag the number along the line. Pupils could use the number line to estimate decimal numbers. The number line is placed low down on the screen so that it is accessible to pupils.

This number line can be dragged left and right.

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