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Here are the Active Algebra graphs
These resources can be used
with the whole class using a projector or an interactive whiteboard.
Whiteboard resources
link to y=mx+c graphs

link to y=mx+c graphs
Use the sliders to change the variables and watch what happens to the graph.
Investigate what affects the gradient of the line and how the constant changes the position of the line.

spacerlink to Pin Down the Graphs

link to Pin Down the Graphs
Drag the drawing pins about and watch the graph change. The equation of the line and the table of values will also change.
Use these buttons to change the options.
The buttons: from the left
Hide/show the equation of the line, hide/show the table of values for the line, hide/show the line.

Hide the lines and equations and move the pins. What are the equations of the line that would join the pins? What are the coordinates of the intersection of the two lines?

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