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Here are the Active Algebra games
The activities can be used either by individual pupils, small groups or with the whole class using a projector or an interactive whiteboard.
link to Rob8 the Robot

link to Rob8 the Robot
More than just a game, not really a game at all. Use Rob8 to investigate functions and their graphs.
The aim is to find out what operations each of Rob8's brains performs. There are four types of brain (same brains) which do the same operation every time you use this activity. Each of these brains carries one of the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.
Two types of brain (random brains) are slightly random: ie the operation they carry out might change. These brains also carry out one of the four operations.
The special brains do the same each time: it could be quite tricky to work out what they do.
Pupils should describe the brains according to the shape pattern on them; thus using their knowledge of polygons.
Lots of 'what happens if...' questions can be asked if used with the whole class.

spacerlink to Elephant Wallpaper

link to Elephant Wallpaper
Use Elephant Wallpaper to investigate number sequences and nth terms. A small piece of 'wallpaper' is shown, the aim is to decide what colour the elephant is at given coordinates. Click on the elephant of your choice then the 'final answer' button. A much larger piece of wallpaper is revealed showing the elephant in question. Points are scored for correct answers. Try to score as many as possible in 5 minutes. The levels become progressively more difficult. Experts can start at a higher level.

Lots of discussion and strategies could be provoked if used with the whole class.

link to Fishy Equations

link to Fishy Equations
Solve fishy simultaneous equations. Three fish are weighed in pairs. The aim is to work out the weight of each fish. Try to score as many as possible in 5 minutes.

What are the best strategies to use to work out the weight of each fish?

link to Solve It

link to Solve It
Use the 'Solve It' calculator to solve simultaneous equations. Add or subtract the expressions to eliminate either a or b. You have 5 minutes to solve as many equations as you can.
Click on a calculator button to enter an expression. The calculator will work out the value of the expression and display the equation. Either add or subract other expressions to try to eliminate a or b.

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