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  Printable math worksheets. Can be used alongside the iMath Whiteboard resources. Click on the "change" button and watch the numbers, angles, shapes or equations change. Print the worksheet and the answers.
  Price $59.00 (annual subscription)

"I'm so happy I ordered iMathLearning's worksheets, my colleagues at school all use the printed worksheets.  The really cool thing about the worksheets is that they all have matching SmartBoard learning aids." - Michelle M, Petaluma CA.


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Here's how the worksheets work....
Click on the "change" button and watch the numbers, angles, shapes or equations change.
Type your password in to the password box on a worksheet then click on the 'print' button to print a pupil worksheet and an answer sheet. The password box will disappear if a known password is entered.
This is a small chunk of a worksheet, try clicking on 'change' and 'print (yes, you can print it)'.

The title of the worksheet can be edited: click in the title box and change the text.

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the iMath Worksheets
are available as interactive whiteboard resources. Ideal for whole class teaching, lesson-starters, mental starters and demonstrations. Hundreds of questions, equations, problems, angles, simulations etc are available at the click of a button. You don't even need an interactive whiteboard, the activities can be projected onto an ordinary whiteboard so that you can write on top of them. Have a look >>

Sites for Teachers

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New worksheets-
Crack the codes
: times tables and doubles in code.
Reflect and rotate shapes

Primary, Secondary
Sum, product difference wall puzzles using positive and negative numbers
Number sequences in number grids: Primary, Secondary
Shape sequences, what shape is number 33?: Primary, Secondary
Work out angles
: on a straight line, round a point and opposite
Mean, Median and Range
Written subtraction 'sums'
Coordinates: Primary, Secondary
Dots round circles, useful for lots of investigations: Primary, Secondary

Tips for teachers
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