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Table footballers ready for actionTwo-player table football games.

Hit the button first and try to score a goal.

Try playing the table soccer games on an interactive whiteboard.

Click on the links below to play the games.


Best viewed in full screen mode: press F11 if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Click on two players

First click on two players to select the two teams.

The names of the teams can be typed in.

Use these sliders
Use the sliders to decide on how fast you want the cards turned over and how long the game lasts.
Click on the sound button to turn the sound effects on or off.
Click on the play button.
Click on 'Put in ball' button or press the space bar.
The large footballers

Hide Table Soccer: decide what type of sums are shown.

If you think the values on each card are the same then press 'z' (left team) or 'm' (right team) or on an interactive whiteboard hit the large footballers.

If it's a snap you will keep possession of the ball, passing it sideways or forward, or shooting at goal. If you are wrong then the ball is passed to the other team.

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