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Play Snap ! Two-player Snap games.

Hit the button first, try not to let the computer win.

Try playing Snap on an interactive whiteboard. Hit the purple or green buttons when you think it's a snap!

Click on the links below to play the Snap games.


Use the sliders to change the winning score and the speed. Best viewed in full screen mode: press F11 if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

First enter your names then use the sliders to decide on the winning score and how fast you want the cards turned over. Click on the play button.
Snap Money: use the slider to decide which coins are used.
Snap Hide 1 and 2: decide what type of sums are shown. What number is hidden?

If you think the values on each card are the same then press 'z' (purple) or 'm' (green) or on an interactive whiteboard hit the purple or green button. If it's a snap you will score a point, if it isn't you'll lose a point. If both players miss a snap then the computer scores a point.


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