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One-player rotation and symmetry games.

How quickly can you put the aliens together?

Can you get in the Alien Transformation top 5?

Click on the links below to play the games.

Play Alien Transformation 1
Play Alien Transformation 2
Play Alien Transformation 3


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Try to make this space invader

Click on the go button to play the game.

The aim is to put the space invader together.

Each space invader is made up of 16 tiles.

Each tile must be moved into the yellow square.

Click on the top part of a tile, the word 'move' will appear.

A tile can then be dragged about. A tile cannot be dragged past the line of symmetry.

A red dot will appear when you move your mouse over the middle of a tile.

Click on the middle of a tile to rotate it through 90 degrees clockwise.

When all the tiles are in the right places you will find out if you have one of the fastest times.

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