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Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Three whiteboard resources to assist in the teaching and learning addition and subtraction of fractions.

Subtracting Fractions 1
1 is the highest number which can be use.

Subtracting Fractions 2
2 is the highest number which can be used.


These whiteboard resources will generate diagrams to illustrate addition and subtraction of fractions.
Addition of fractions

The subtraction whiteboard resource works in the same way as the addition version.

Here's what you do:

1. To generate a fraction drag the coloured bars to the required height.

Start at the bottom of the fraction strip.


Drag from the bottom
2. When two fractions are generated you are ready to add them together. Two fractions ready to be added

3. Click on the lowest common denominator (lcd) button to change the denominator to the lcd. Click again to cancel down the fractions.
Click on a fraction button if you want to change to fractions with different denominators.

The buttons

4.Click on the '+' button to add the fractions together Add button
5. Click on the 'new' button to add different fractions. New fractions button

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